Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Fairy bread

 One raining Monday morning room 19 and 20 made some colourful fairy bread we made the fairy bread in room 20. First mrs Carruthers gave us a napkin. Next Mrs Carruthers gave us a knife then she told one person to open the bread. After that we buttered the bread we put some sprinkles on top. Finally Mrs Carruthers said that we could make another sandwich. This this time we put Nutella on our bread. We put popping candy sprinkles on top of the popping candy. It was soooo delicious.

Thursday, 21 June 2018


One sunny day there lived a princess and a prince. She had long beautiful hair and the prince had a Sparkily fancy crown. They lived in a shiny and Sparkily castle. One early morning the Queen told the princess to go and pick some blueberry's so they can make some blueberry pies. She was starting to walk home. When she looked up she realised that it was getting dark. She got lost so she sat under a tree and started to cry. Next she heard a sound. "Are you ok" said the fairy. "No I am not ok". Then the Said tell me what happened. So she told her what happened. The fairy said follow me I take you home. She sprinkled some shiny golden dust on her all of a sudden she turned into a tiny fairy.then they flew across tall mountains and a lot of lovely and beautiful water and she finally got home. After that the magic golden dust came off. And the princess said thank you for bringing me home and being kind to me. So the fairy said your welcome. 
The end.